How to Enter, and What Does It Cost


There are three payments required to secure your place in the annual Bright Smiles Charity Ride:

  • Donation.  Participation in the Bright Smiles Charity Ride is a reward for raising $1,250 in donations for the Royal Flying Doctor Service South Eastern Section dental program.  

  • Entry Fee.  An Entry Fee of $175 per vehicle (bike or car) is payable and this fee is designed to cover the costs of creating and setting up the event.  Things such as Public Liability insurance, various overheads, web site costs, the costs of travelling the route several months prior to ensure the suitability of the roads, venues, etc. and more

  • Disbursements Fee.  A Disbursements Fee of $(tbd) is charged per person, and this covers your evening meals each night, plus your daily Happy Hour drinks.  Reccomendations will be provided, but you will need to pay for your own breakfasts & lunches along the way.

What You Need To Pay For (AND - A Note About Accommodation.)


Your evening meals have been paid for inside your disbursements fee, and you will need to pay for your own breakfast, lunch, and beverages each day (with the exception of Happy Hour).  Where we will be visiting tiny towns during lunch the available venues have been advised we will be coming, so they will be prepared for us, and in other locations there are several options for you to choose from.

ACCOMMODATION.  You will be required to pay for your own accommodation, and it is fair to say that this is one of the more vexing issues of any trip such as ours.  Different people like different styles of accommodation (pubs, swags, Air BnB etc.) and often as the event approaches availability in the towns we visit starts to dry up.  As a precaution in each of our overnight towns I will pre-book 15 "quite good middle of the road" motel rooms that my wife would be very happy with, for our group to use.  If you want to take advantage of these rooms (at cost) you can do so through me, and pay me when you enter the event.  In each case I have booked a motel that is in walking distance to the evening meal, but you are under no requirement to stay there - you may want to pitch a tent, or book your own rooms, or stay with a long lost rich uncle, and please feel free to do so.  The rooms I have reserved are on a first come basis and I will return any unused/unpaid for rooms 30 days prior to the event to the motel operator.  Likewise, when I run out of rooms, you will need to book your own (obviously I am happy to help where I can).

For further information, (and to reserve your place) please contact Bill Patrick, on 0418 626 799 or at